It's All About The Gumballs!

What we mean around The StoreHouse when we say, "It's all about the gumballs!" is that everything that we do as a Church centers around the mission that God has called us to fulfill. That mission is, of course, the Great Commission that Christ gave to His Church. We are to go into our world and proclaim the gospel and to teach people to obey everything that He has commanded. It can become so easy in our "self-centered" culture to focus on our needs and desires rather than upon the real needs of those around us. The StoreHouse has a rather unique way of keeping the focus where it belongs -- on The Lost! We do this by using gumballs as a visual reminder of the 30,000 plus people in our county that do not have a regular church home.

Each week Pastor Trout preaches God's Word on a pulpit made up of 30,000 gumballs. At The StoreHouse we literally preach the Word over the lost souls that Christ has called us to reach. As we sit in the pews our eyes cannot help but focus on the lost around us that are not hearing God's Word, but desperately need it to be applied to their lives. The vans and buses that sit outside our building are painted in the same variety of colors as the gumballs in our pulpit in order to remind us why we have them in the first place. They are there in order to pick up children that do not have a church that their family calls home on Sunday mornings. We use our vans to reach out "into the highways and byways to compel them to come in." We are on a mission to transform our county by transforming the next generation.

Why did we choose gumballs to represent people in need of the love of God? Their colorful! Their fun! Their something that everyone of all ages enjoys! Their bright! They make you want to smile! They get your attention! Their irresistible! In other words; they are just like Jesus!