Our Mission

If you were to ever drive by our building you would notice that it is quite different than most buildings around!  Our building is comprised of two geodesic domes.  Many people that drive by assume that they are storage facilities for salt. The domes certainly do look like many salt storage buildings dotting the landscape of the Hoosier State. But, you won't find salt inside of either one of them.  They also represent the tops of the many grain silos scattered around the countryside.  Our building serves as a metaphor for what our Church is all about. We are called to be the Salt of the Earth and we are called to secure the harvest until the coming of the Lord.  We exist to evangelize the world around us and then to disciple people into the Kingdom of God. In essence, we exist to turn 'salt' into 'harvest' and to store that harvest until the return of our Savior.  So there you have it. That's why we call ourselves The StoreHouse.

Our Mission:

To Salt The Earth and To Secure The Harvest

Until He Comes!